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But the last decent exposure he had in this country was in the 1997 disaster flick Independence Day, which grossed more than 0m worldwide.Since then he's appeared in nothing more blockbustery than the 2002 Kieran Culkin vehicle Igby Goes Down and the weird 2004 Wes Anderson movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.Now, she is to produce a documentary on the matter, one that promises to be a powerful word on a hugely prevalent issue.“I’ve been encouraged by my peers speaking out on gender disparity in recent years, but we still are not seeing the actual number change,” the actor said.“The development of this film happened when I (a co-producer on the project) and Tom Donahue were brainstorming film ideas over breakfast one day.We spent months in development with the team at Creative Chaos Geena Davis has embedded herself as a strong ambassador for gender equality within Hollywood, leading many campaigns and symposiums on the subject.The venue is 50 Buckingham Gate in central London, a sterile serviced apartment block where celebrity interviews often take place. "; "I like that wonky tooth you've got"; "Jeez, what a lot of freckles on your arms"; "Can I see your hands? I'll bet they're like your feet, too"; "What's your middle name? " It's good-natured enough, but even so, it's awkward.It's a brutally cold day and he's not only wearing a raincoat, recently purchased from Comme des Garçons, but an enormous, thick parka of the sort you sometimes see directors wearing on film sets in Prague. "You're probably going to say, 'Oh, I warmed him up, I buttered him up and then, chuh, what a jerk he is and talked about my freckles and stuff," he informs me.

He's familiar even now at 55, despite the deeper laughter lines and flecks of grey in his once jet-black hair.

"I haven't really been walking in the parks; it's been a bit too cold. They got married on a whim while driving through Las Vegas and were divorced three years later. Sometimes I wear it when I'm playing with my jazz band." He had taken the hat off as he sat at our table, but now he casually settles it back on his head and smiles.

I should do a tourist thing, and I'm scared that I'm going to leave here and people will say, 'Wow, you still haven't seen ba ba ba ba da ba ba? Then there was Laura Dern, his co-star in Jurassic Park, who shared his Hollywood Hills mansion for a while. Then, more recently, he was seeing Catherine Wreford, who played the girlfriend he tries to get a visa for in Pittsburgh. "I never really particularly passionately wanted children," he says, shrugging his shoulders. Then he forgets to take it off and eats his oyster starter while still wearing it.

He moved straight to Hollywood, where he's been ever since. " I say, taking this as good old-fashioned insincerity. For a start, it's dangerous: an unscrupulous journalist could lead an old man like Jeff on, get him to be all sleazy and then write about it.

He takes acting seriously, although he never, thankfully, mentions his "craft". My teacher [in New York] said that it takes a lifetime to learn to be an actor, 20 years certainly, minimum, and everything you do after that you treat as a graduate programme." Speed-the-Plow, he says, has been a bit like "acting camp". After all, Goldblum is considered something of a ladykiller. " Spring has truly sprung by the time Goldblum and I meet for lunch.

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