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Romulus later, during a family feud, killed his brother Remus.

Romulus subsequently established the so-called Roma Quadrata, above the east shore of the River Tiber, by carving its borders with a plow atop the Palatine Hill.

According to tradition, Rome was founded on April 21, 753 BC.

The legend says that Romulus and Remus, the twins of the War God "Mars", were cast adrift on the River Tiber and survived by being raised by a she-wolf.

The Roma Quadrata was to become the city that bears his name.

Romulus was not only the founder of Rome, but also its first King.

These early Roman civilian-soldiers provided their own weapons, equipment and body defenses, according to their wealth and social status.

Therefore, the more affluent (mostly the officers) were better outfitted, while the poor had to make do with makeshift weapons and a lack of effective body armor.

As Rome expanded, its military campaigns became longer and further from home; which would place an increasing hardship on its citizen-soldiers in the years to come.

Gladiator fights and chariot racing were Etruscan in origin.

Roman art, architecture and literature were heavily borrowed from the Greeks.

In 390 BC, the City of Rome was attacked and pillaged by the "Gauls", invaders from what is now France, in alliance with the Etruscan people who dwelt north of Rome.

The Roman army, at that time, was largely composed of conscripted farmers and civilians, who owned land; hence the term "Legio" (Legion), meaning "conscription" or "chosen" in latin; being applied these early military units.

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