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I was reading stories about various dating platforms with the sugar daddy and sugar mommy concepts, so I decided to give it a shot."At first I was really skeptical about how the platform would work.I didn’t even know about these arrangement sites until I moved out here.But then I decided through this journey that it wasn't about you, and it wasn't about everything that I've been through with you. So now, thanks to you, I have lost for myself, and I will never go back to the way I was," June said, before a horrified Jennifer stormed inside, called her a "b*tch" and asked her to leave.

Mama June has finally accepted her new body, but her new body might not have accepted her.

Master P is living a life of luxury -- not on his own dime, but thanks to his new girlfriend ...

who dropped six figures to lace him up on Valentine's Day. Cars 911 dealership tells us Simin's gift was a total surprise to Master P, and that was just the start.

June was dating Mc Daniel at the same time he molested the child.

We will not identify the child but it's someone with whom June has contact.

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