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“In our culture, my mom cooked big meals, and neighbors were there.When you feel that kind of unity and love, it makes the experience a lot better.Edgar Camara spent his early years in Yucatan, an area where Mexico swings around and extends itself into the southern Gulf of Mexico like a fat finger pointing toward the Florida panhandle.“People say Mayans don’t exist. I’m Mayan, with a mix of European and Spaniard,” Edgar said.“My mother was always humble and passionate with food. She made really good food out of nothing, and taught all of us to survive.”By the time Edgar was 13, he was living in California, bored in school because he’d been further ahead in his studies back in Mexico.“When I was 15, I got a permit to work as a dishwasher.“They’ll hear singing and I’ll tell them, ‘Oh, that’s the chef,’” Victoria said. For more information, or to inquire about their catering, look for Mamalina’s on Facebook, or call 336-635-9049.“And sometimes when it’s slow, he’ll come out here and pick up a guitar. They finally brought him in as a line cook, then lead line, and finally restaurant manager – all the way through college, where he studied to be a computer technician.“I built computers and sold them, but it was boring.

“Edgar had my family in mind when he came up with it.

Main dishes include burgers, reubens, subs, sandwiches and pastas, all for the traditional American eater.

Smothered pork chops and sirloin is joined by steak marsala, chicken marsala, and a stuffed version of the latter.

Victoria handles the business side and the paperwork that comes with it.“At Mamalina’s, we want to have the restaurant feel like you’re really at home.

We want to build up your trust, and see smiles when you leave,” Edgar said.

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A lot of families don’t have that closeness, but it still exists.”With that in mind, Edgar has developed dishes that are warm, flavorful and unique.

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