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And I think as a result of that, there's a market for it and it's easier for people to get sort of teams of people lined up to do these types of scams." The reddest flag Skilled scam artists are patient.

They will invest months into a relationship, seemingly asking for nothing in return.

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But it is a necessary one in order to make certain that your new love is for real. At the same time, however, the FBI says to beware of an online suitor who quickly seeks to lure you "offline" or away from the dating site. Language matters Pay attention to your love interest's use of the language, both in their online profile and in chats and emails. "One sign is if there is weird spelling or punctuation," Hood said.

"A lot of times English isn't somebody's first language, so that's completely understandable. S.-born and their writing just doesn't feel like that of a native-born person, that could be a red flag." That is because online dating scams in particular frequently originate overseas.

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The internet has revolutionized the world of dating, but it is also a new breeding ground for scams. One way to check is to do a reverse image search on Google. It will allow you to either upload the profile photo or paste it directly from the web site.

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