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The torso and the As you can tell, the list never ends with Deepika, and honestly, I don’t about you, but I could stare at this gorgeous woman in sarees all day! Her ponytail and earrings are a perfect way to style this look. Apart from the floral print, this silk saree is plain, but Deepika is wearing it with grandeur.

There is even more detail at the front of the saree, where the pleats fall. Although this saree is a printed cotton one, she makes it look ready for the red carpet! Deepika is wearing a gorgeous pastel green net saree.

It’s quite visible that there’s a certain theme going on. The Rajasthani choker necklace does well to add a little something and complete the look.

The entire saree is mostly designed with pastel shades. Deepika dazzles us all every single time she steps outside. Both the blouse and pleats of the saree are plain black, but the torso portion and the are the real eye catchers!

Falafel donuts If raw kebbeh – seasoned raw lamb mince with bulghur wheat – isn’t your thing, the vegetarian plate will be.

It’s a mini party platter of tabouli, hommous and baba ghannouj eggplant dip plus two mini falafels in the shape of donuts. Al Shami mix plate Round it all out with the Al Shami mix plate, a trio of grilled skewers speared with lamb cubes, lamb mince and chicken pieces. Give into temptation and order the broasted chicken – that’s pressure fried chicken that combines golden batter with supreme juiciness.

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