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When students are sitting, each student gets their own task card.This task card stays with them the ENTIRE time they are doing this activity.I started using task cards when I was student teaching.Back then I didn't call them task cards - I called them index cards. I would write questions down on index cards, stick a card under each students desk, and that was that.For the how to on conducting this activity, check out Kate Nowak's directions here. The students really got into the dating aspect of the course. I have to remind myself that if my resolution to have more fun and be more engaging, that I have to be willing to accept more out of turn talking. Oh, I almost forgot to mention another variable thrown at us today: Power outage for 2 hours.I added to the giggles for sure: during lulls in the activity when we were waiting for some couples to conclude their date, I had the students ask each other stereotypical first date questions. Luckily this lesson needed no power (I had to scramble again for 5th period... This morning as I was perusing her latest posts, I read her post about speed dating as a way to mix up independent practice.

I told them they had to work with their partner before asking the other group any questions.Last year equation solving in Algebra 2 was TRAGIC. I decided to start with a concept that worked wonders in my middle school math classes, Math Magic. I have them tell me their result, and then I tell them the number they chose by simply subtracting one from their result and dividing by 2.A few kids pick up on it right away, but many don’t.Some of the questions were tough, but they really worked well together!Number 1 was very easy, while number 6 was quite challenging for the students.

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