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"A lot of people think theyre weak because they tried to quit and couldnt beat the addiction," she says."One of the things that makes groups successful is helping people understand that smoking is more than a physical addiction.The data, which spanned more than 30 years, suggested that the decision to quit spreads via social networks and person-to-person contact in much the same way that fashions or opinions do.The researchers found that the friend of a smoker who quit was 36% more likely to quit, too, and employees of small businesses were 34% more likely to quit if a coworker did.This page will introduce you to the FOUR AREAS that make up SMART Recovery® Online. Within this area of the site, Tools and Homework is a useful place to start.Our online community provides resources for learning, online meetings, and addiction recovery support. The tools and concepts are discussed extensively in the online meetings, in chat, and on the message board, so feel free to dig in and get a head start, if you choose!"And when a group develops cohesion, you see both the soothing and the pressuring that takes place among families and friends.If youre really upset, the groups going to protect you and help take care of you.

One of the largest is Quit Net, an online smoking-cessation program started at Boston University that offers online forums, chat rooms, and "clubs." Quit Net is now run by a for-profit company, however, and some features require a membership fee."Supportive group treatments led by a skilled counselor with others quitting at the same time are influential," says Jodi Prochaska, Ph D, MPH, a clinical psychologist and assistant professor at the University of California, San Francisco, who works at the universitys Center for Tobacco Control Research & Education. In the groups included in the study, 14% of the participants, on average, successfully quit—a higher rate than telephone counseling or self-help, but slightly lower than individual counseling."Making a commitment to quit and announcing that commitment to others has been shown to be helpful." Counseling and a Nicotine Patch Helped Natasha Quit Smoking An asthma attack sent her to the ER and motivated her to get healthy Read more More about quitting smoking According to a large meta-analysis conducted by the U. People quit in "clusters" Most support-group programs have a two-pronged approach.Led by ACS-trained facilitators—more than half of whom are former smokers themselves—the program usually consists of four 30- to 60-minute meetings.Each session includes a lesson delivered by the group leader (on relaxation techniques to stave off cravings, for example), a group discussion, and an individual exercise.

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