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The big one, Buster, had leapt up behind me with shocking speed and lightness before I had even regained my balance, and with a big firm hand, he pushed me forward and over the control panel of the treadmill.

I struggled to wriggle out from under him, but his mate had a steel grip on my right wrist and pulled my arm forward and under the panel I was leaning over.

But Hosea just kept playing his fingers around Buster's hole, and I was too fascinated to stop watching.

I was visiting Brisbane for a few days and staying near Fortitude Valley, the night-life filled part of town.

I wasn't after the night-life, but I had found what looked like a really good gym there to work out in, as I was being very serious at the time.

He was filling it with his arms spread and his hands hanging on to the top of the frame and his legs parted while his big skull tilted to one side as he studied me. But out of the corner of my eye I saw the first one's hand drop, and he reached into his shorts and pushing the waistband down freed an engorging rod that matched the size of all his other body parts. I took just a quick glance at that big piece of meat he was holding before I fixed my eyes back on the TV. I am not interested, mate," I said, between pants, but looking about and discovering the gym was empty except for the three of us.

Now his spotting partner was on the other side of me, stripping off his T-shirt and leering at me.

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But I got into my routine, chest and back, and didn't pay attention to anything else until I had finished the chest section, when I suddenly realized that almost everyone else had left. Nice piece too, but I reckon you take it up the ass," he said.

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