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As farmers all over Europe struggle to make a living in the age of the industrialized factory farm, Jacques Jeffredo, a former farmer and activist, estimates that over 600 French farmers commit suicide each year.

While that figure is higher than any official reports have demonstrated, the French Institute for Public Health Surveillance has found that male farmers were twenty percent more likely to take their own lives than the rest of the population – a finding that increases with age, climbing to 47 percent above the national average for male farmers aged 55 to 64.

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Similar waves of farmer suicides have been reported in India and elsewhere in recent years.

Farmers have been cultivating France’s rich soils for fifteen centuries, explaining the wide varieties of food found from region to region.

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Yet in recent decades an array of trade treaties has left small French farmers at a loss to compete with global companies flooding cheap food into the country’s markets.Ganay thinks about his wife, who he called just a while ago to tell her what he is about to do.He thinks about the cows that he lovingly tends to each day.He considers the nation he feels has abandoned him.He places the noose around his neck and tightens it, ready to leave all of that behind. Then, “an angel saved my life at the crucial moment,” Ganay explains.

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