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The Foreign Office may offer assistance to British citizens who encounter a terrorist incident overseas and their families.

This can include medical evacuation, payment of immediate medical expenses and costs involved with returning to the UK.

Even just visiting the school and getting a good idea of the lay of the land can help put your child at ease on the first day.

Children who are anxious about moving to a new school may not be the first to say they want to visit, so it can help if you are the one to suggest and organise it.

Terrorist attacks are sudden and unpredictable and generally calculated to create a climate of fear or terror among the public.

A terror attack can lead to an ongoing feeling of insecurity.

Transitioning from Primary to Secondary school is a time of excitement and anxiety for both children and parents.

New surroundings, new friends, new challenges, and new choices are all on offer as your child opens the door on the first days of school.

So, how can you help prepare them for the first day - and the years to follow - and make the transition easier for both of you?

You might be exposed to repetitive and disturbing media images and accounts of the event.

This means there may be ‘hiddenʼ victims — people who have been affected but weren't directly caught up in the attacks.

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