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For them, it’s all about the entertainment factor.“No, follow koun kar raha hai (lyrics)... Gives me ‘enjoyment’ and I get to laugh when I hear such songs).”Paul Barsom, professor of music composition at Pennsylvania State University in Pennsylvania, United States, in a study listed several factors that might cause a song to be catchy - familiarity, cultural connection and repetition are some of them.“We love the song for its lyrics. That’s so catchy,” says Delhi’s Gupta.“His song makes me cringe but it also has a nice hymn to it. If it’s a vulgar song, no matter whether you understand it or not, the message can be conveyed through the tune and other ways.”A paper on ‘Women and Gender in Music’ has also detailed how ‘sexist’ messages are often “cloaked behind dance tunes or catchy lyrical hooks.”Strangely, there are some who admit the lyrics are “sexist” but they do not find it problematic.“Omprakash’s lyrics are sleazy, I agree, they have a dirty meaning to them, well this isn’t the first song of this type,” Karda says.The self-proclaimed ‘Rap King’ is the latest to join the likes of Dhinchak Pooja and Taher Shah, who are regarded as the stars of cringe-pop – a genre of pop music which is “so bad that you cannot stop watching them”.Some 30,000 people on You Tube have liked Mishra’s song, which most critics have called out for its crass and violent sexism.But we did not have a song explicitly describing the act or expressing a desire for it,” he adds.No doubt, his fan-base is made of mostly men and a look at his Facebook page supports it.

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In that context, songs with slightly vulgar or off the track lyrics provide them with the desired stimulus,” Sharma says.“Omprakash’s song appears to his fans as something new and off the track...

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